A UI Case study: Chrome Developer Tools

(All pictures taken at the time of writing, no doubt features and interface will change with time)

For this case study I’ll pick on chrome because it’s hands-down my favorite browser, and because I want to elaborate on the criticism I made in my UI manifesto. It’s excellent in many ways, particularly the developer tools. However, I periodically still learn about cool hidden features it has.

Case in point: http://www.igvita.com/slides/2012/devtools-tips-and-tricks/ . It’s a mixed compliment to have an article written about your software that entitled, “Wait, [your software] can do that?” It’s great to impress with your feature set, but the fact that such an article needs to be written to unearth these capabilities is indicative of underlying unintuitive UI.

My thoughts below:

How chrome dev tools looked at the time this post was authored.


My Complaints


A mockup of a redesign of chrome dev tools UI that fixes many of the issues


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